New Moon 4’ Scorpio (28th October) & Mercury Retrograde

This New Moon is setting the theme for the following month to be on mystery and magic, depth and transformation. Scorpio is the zodiac sign that takes us into the shadows, with the intrigue for the unknown, the hunt to discover hidden treasures. It’s time to investigate the deeper levels of our desires, to know […]

The Virgo New Moon, 30th Aug 2019

The recent New Moon at 6’ Virgo has set the theme for this month to be on efficiency, setting up systems and eliminating unwanted stuff and energy. The focus is on tidying up, clearing up our spaces and bettering our energy levels. The two rulers of Virgo, Mercury and Chiron, are currently in an inconjunction […]

June 2019 New Moon

The recent New Moon in Gemini (3rd June) sets the theme for this Lunar Cycle to be on communication, documents, contracts and how we express ourselves through our words. It’s important we are aware of our choice of words, they may come out in a joking manner but they can still deliver a punch! Gemini […]

Full Moon in Libra April 2019

This Full Moon is part of the formula that governs the date of the Easter holiday break. The formula is as follows – the first Sunday after the First Full Moon that follows the Spring Equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere). This marks the start of the spring season and gives honour with festivities to the […]


 Autumn Equinox: 21st March to Winter Solstice: 22nd June  (Below is an excerpt from the 2019 Astrovision Moon Calendar on the Seasonal Forecast page)  Create your home to be an extension of your love, your healing vibration. What lessons from history are we to learn so we don’t repeat the same mistakes? We can’t move […]

New Moon in Aquarius ’19

The New Moon last Monday was at 15’ Aquarius. While this sets the theme for the month ahead, based on networking, friendships and our community involvement it is relevant that we look deeper at this event, as it is with high alerts. The Lunar Eclipse that happened in Aug 2017 was also at 15’ Aquarius. […]

Happy New Year for 2019

May the coming year bring you many blessings of love and happiness. We start 2019 with a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn (6th Jan, @15’ Capricorn) and finish 2019 with a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn (26th Dec, @ 4’ Capricorn). These are like the start and finish lines to what is to be a highly productive […]

Chiron in Pisces

Chiron gives indication to our healing process, where we are to rip the bandage off, expose the wound, deal with the release of the infection, and finally add the disinfectant. This process is deep, therapeutic and provocative. It helps us to identity the areas of our pain and to find effective ways to bring healing. […]

New Moon Nov 2018

Each month when the Sun and Moon align at the same zodiac degree we call it a New Moon. This is the start of the next lunar cycle. From the zodiac position this occurs in we get to see the energy that marks the theme for the following 4 weeks. In a months’ time the […]


The New Moon sets the theme for the month to follow. With this being in Leo this month is a time for us to celebrate life with loved ones, to express ourselves more energetically through our creative interests and to lift our spirits through recreational activities. Have fun! With this New Moon being a Solar […]

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