The Eclipses in July & Aug 2018

The Solar Eclipse at 20’ Cancer on the 13th July 2018 is directly opposite Pluto at 20’ Capricorn. Solar Eclipses on their own are challenging for us all, indicating times of increased pressure and intensity. With this event in alignment with Pluto – the planet of deep transformations, we are all being pushed into make or break situations. Is it to a breakthrough or a breakdown? Endings and new beginnings are the most significant reference for us all to pay attention to in our life. The focus of Cancer is nurturing, home comforts, and emotional support. The focus of Capricorn is on achievements, completion of tasks, climbing the mountain of our goals and career. Balancing these two extremes generates health and well being; living with them unbalanced is where stress and tension develop.

If you are feeling out of sorts ask yourself – do I need to rest and recharge or do I need to tend to my tasks? A tidal rhythm of action and rest is best.

Take the time to review your priorities – work to a scheduled plan, including time for rest and relaxation. Give reward and acknowledgment for effort. There is no giving up until the task is completed.  Create a balance between sensitivity and determination.

Below is an excerpt from the Astrovision Moon Calendar, (on the Eclipses page, July).

This Solar Eclipse in Cancer, 13th July, marks a time for us to create a secure, emotionally supportive, foundation. The changes in the world will test us, pushing for a rebirth. We all need to have a safe haven to be nourished, healed & rejuvenated in. Rest, relaxation & time out from the pressures of work are essential. We are to find our spiritual sanctuary, a place where we can unravel, unwind & come home to our soul. In this deep healing space we can build our trust, strengthen our intuition & give honour to the ways of spirit.

This Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, 28th July, will provoke us to review our assets, to question the use of our resources & to reform our project plans. Safety & support are necessary comforts.  But any feelings of boredom, stagnation or confinement are to be seen as major alarms, requiring immediate movement & change. We need to be careful of not getting caught up in the sheep mentality, losing our individual spark in the hope of being liked by the group. Life is evolutionary – dare to be different. To step out of the norm takes courage, but it gives great levels of excitement & youthfulness.

This Solar Eclipse in Leo, 11th August, marks a challenging time for us to dig deep within ourselves & to access qualities of being only glimpsed upon before. On the one hand we need unwavering trust, breathing deep into the mystery of life, knowing in our heart that everything happens exactly when it needs to. On the other hand we need empowerment, determination & the awareness of energy forces to help us bring changes to life. No more dress rehearsals – this is it! Watch out for all talk & no action. It’s time to deliver!

Wishing you an empowering and transformational eclipse season.